Development, production, procurement and distribution of

  • specialty chemicals

  • contract products

  • development products

  • pharmaceutical precursors

Development of alternative solutions for materials with

  • lack of availability

  • poor performance

  • patent restrictions

  • price/cost problems

  • quality fluctuations/ toxicology and environmental problems

Our approach

  • modification/adaptation of existing chemicals
  • conception and development of new chemicals/functional polymers
  • cost reduction through substitution of cost-critical components or processes
  • alternative precursor sourcing


Process optimisation

  • laboratory and pilot experiments for process optimization
  • selection of production partners acc. to:
  • process aspects, reactor configuration, -availability, -capacity
  • production according to our own process


Application technology for

  • adhesive systems
  • cross-linking / curing systems
  • stabilization systems


Consulting for polymer materials and their processing

  • for chemical problems
  • completion/rounding of the product portfolio


Patent issues

  • extensive literature research regarding patent situation 
  • evaluation of the patent situation
  • exploration of possible alternatives outside the protected patent area
  • development of an equivalent, patent-free technical solution
  • sourcing or development and production of any chemicals required for this purpose


REACh/ toxicology/ environmental protection

  • assessment of possibilities for substitution of critical substances
  • transfer from other industries (if uncfritical substitutes are available)
  • conception, development and production of new (preferably polymeric) functional carriers


We offer

extensive expertise in material science
focus on your needs
fast, flexible and individual solutions